Sumertime Saga

Type: Video Game  

Genre: Big Boobs, Bondage, Cowgirl, Facesitting, Feet, Incest, Muscular Women, Older Women, Romantic, Student, Swimsuit, Teasing, Vanilla Sex, Findom, Spying

Language: English  

File Size: 857 MB  

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Set in a small suburban town, a young man just entering college is struck by the death of his father. Mysterious circumstances surrounding the death are only the beginning of his problems as he learns that his father was in debt to a group of shady criminals.

Throughout your play through, you’ll quickly realize that there is a huge amount of content with large variety of fetishes. The game has multiple story lines that you get to choose at your own pace. Keep in mind that you are not a slave. Choices can be made that can make you dominant. If you want the best femdom experience, I recommend progressing with these characters:

  1. Jenny (Sadistic Goddess) Spends most time in your house
  2. Debbie (Gentle Mommy) Spends most time in your house
  3. Principle and Annie (Lesbian Domination) Spends most time in school – 3rd floor
  4. Coach Bridget (Fit Girl YES) Spends most time in school field
  5. Lopez, Marinez and Missy (Bossy School Girls) Spends most time in left hallway of school / showers

I’ve been playing this game for a couple of days, and I still haven’t unlocked all scenes with cheats on. So there are probably a couple of femdom scenes that I’ve missed out on. Feel free to leave a comment below and share what you found!

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4 years ago

Awesome thanks

4 years ago

This is a really fun little game with lots of different paths to choose from. Thanks for including it in your blog.

1 year ago

how do i get jenny’s password for her computer?

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