Type: Image Pack

Focused Genres: Bondage, Pegging, Yuri, Cross Dressing, Cunnilingus

Image Amount: 47

File Size: 21 MB

As I was browsing through femdom on Rule34 (for research purposes), I came across an artist that goes by the name: Soushiyo. Some of you may have seen this artist’s work in the past, but I was able to finally come across their account… and I was not disappointed!

Soushiyo covers a lot of fetishes but I quickly noticed the love for BDSM. On all of Soushiyo’s social media accounts, you will see scenes of bondage, strap-on, cross dressing, cunnilingus and even comics!

My personal favorite posts though are from a series called Bunday. For those who don’t know, the bunday series is a collection of images of bossy darkskin rabbit girls that dominate submissive humans. The bunday series hasn’t been updated in a while, so we must start a revolution to bring it back! I’ve included it inside the image pack for you to check out, but I highly recommend following Soushiyo on twitter for more.

Enjoy 😉

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3 years ago

Sweet. Now if we could only get an Aoi Tiduru image pack. <3

3 years ago

Dude is REALLY into buttholes.
Also, I think those ‘rabbits’ are Viera from Final Fantasy.