A Certain Noble’s Happiness

Type: Manga

Genre: Shota, Romantic, Cowgirl, Teasing, Pee, Multiple Orgasms , Demon Girl

Language: English

Pages: 22

In a time where humans and demons are at war, a young and royal gentleman does the unspeakable and saves one. Her name is Vivi, and she’s one busty looking onee-san! They now live together and she take care of him as a maid. Vivi ends up developing a huge crush on her young master and does not shy away from letting him know. He resists, telling her it’s not usual for a maid to marry her master.

The war is about to end, with a bad outcome for the humans. They will be taken captive by the demons and made slaves. The young gentleman is no exception, but Vivi offers him to be her slave. It’s the only way for him to be saved. Our royal gentleman (obviously) does not refuse this request and is now the property of his former maid, a demon girl!

I wonder what she has planned for her new slave? 😉 😉 😉

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2 years ago
Overall Rating :

This is one of my favorite manga on this website.

Reply to  NoName
2 years ago

You have excellent taste my friend

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
2 years ago
Overall Rating :

I just read this and I love it on multiple levels. For one, stronger women are simply sexy as heck. And for another, marriage as a form of femdom is incredibly sexy. I hope to see more manga like this down the line.