My 2 Queens Part 1

Type: Manga

Genre: Teasing, Assisted Masturbation, Footjob, Crossdressing, Teacher, Oral, Handjob, Pegging, Prostate Massage, Rimjob, Multiple Orgasms

Language: English

Pages: 20

Our story begins with Kazuki being teased by Sakashita. She gets a kick out of intimidating him and watching him squirm He suddenly collapses just as his teacher Misaki enters the room. After witnessing the fall, she helps him to the infirmary just to be safe. While resting at the infirmary, he can’t help but notice the lingering smell of Misaki. Overtaken by lust, he begins to masturbate. Unfortunately, he climaxes just as the teacher walks in and his cum liberally sprays on her face. To Kazuki’s surprise his teacher begins to give his already erect penis a footjob. She offers to help him masturbate and she lets him use her stocking covered thighs to do the deed and he quickly cums. The teacher offers to show him greater levels of pleasure if he does exactly what she says. Misaki has Kazuki crossdress in order to fulfill her desires as well. She has him perform oral on her well endowed strap-on while she gives him a handjob. After another quick orgasm, she massages and probes his prostate with her tongue, in order to prepare him for anal. After a hard fucking, he pledges his body to his teacher. However, Sakashita caught a glimpse of their activities.

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