My 2 Queens Part 2

Type: Manga

Genre: Threesome, Cowgirl, Teacher, Pegging, Nipple Torture, Footjob, Golden Shower, Multiple Orgasms, Bondage, Chasity

Language: English

Pages: 20

While waiting for his teacher in their usual meeting spot, Sakashita bursts in. She demands to know about the nature of the relationship between Hazuki and Misaki. However, Hazuki’s lips are sealed. Frustrated by his newfound stubbornness, she tackles him and has her way with him. He is resistant at first, out of loyalty to his teacher but she easily dominates him and shows him the ecstasy of vaginal sex. Unfortunately, for Hazuki he cannot climax, despite the pleasure. He realizes that he cannot cum without Misaki. Just as that realization hits him, he is suddenly penetrated by his teacher and quickly cums. However, his teacher is not pleased and decides he needs to be punished. During the brutal anal fucking and nipple torture, the nature of their relationship is revealed. Frustrated by his perversions, Sakashita chastises him and gives him a footjob. This causes him to climax. While initially put off by his masochistic desires, she grows to love them and she joins the teacher in using Hazuki for their own pleasure. After this experience, he is a willing slave to both women, eagerly awaiting his next batch of “punishment.”

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3 years ago

deda link :/

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
3 years ago

This looks interesting. I am going to give this a read.