The Third Princess’ Playing

Type: Video Game  

Genre: Text-based RPG

Language: English  

File Size: 50 MB

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A certain boy is abducted by the third Princess of a certain country. She offers him a game to challenge. The rule she explains is that he has to escape from the mansion while she and her maid try to catch him. He will be her slave if he fails!? Plus the Princess and the maid has set H traps that would pleasingly treat him once he gets caught! Can he overcome temptations and eventually escape from the mansion…?

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3 years ago

not a bad concept.

it’s a fairly fun game but it isn’t that good as fap material in my opinion. it show about a total of 6 different images all of which are these two girl making 3 different expressions each.

and the porn is just some sounds and a few lines of text describing what’s happening.

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
2 years ago

This was a fun game but it needs to be longer. Also, there are no h traps in this game at all. This game is due for a remake.

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