Before The Body

Before the Body comic

Type: Manga

Genre: Fit Girl, Role Reversal, Romantic, Virgin, Tsundere

Language: English

Pages: 32

Comics is something that I don’t indulge in often, but this one caught my eye. I really enjoy the character design, development and amount of detail put into this one. Features like role reversal, gentle femdom, and romance is high tier for me. One of the main characters is even is a fit girl, which I think needs a lot more love in femdom artwork.

Luckily, this is not a one hit wonder, it’s a series. You can continue to read once more comes out. The lore is quite small since there is only one chapter, but here is a quick sypnosis.

A demon… an angry goddess… This is what they call Kiana, an immortal warrior who has been traveling around the world for centuries along with her magma beast. Prince Xaren is handed over to her against his will as a transaction, in exchange for what? That’s something he will have to figure out. In the process of looking for answers he will probably discover what the pleasures of life has to offer. Xaren and Kiana will travel to meet with (who she calls) “The others”.

Join them on their adventure and see how they become strangers, to lovers!

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3 years ago

That is so cute.