Scathach-shishou ni Okasareru Hon

Type: Manga

Genre: Amazon Position, Facesitting, Ass Licking, Multiple Orgasms, Teasing, Blowjob

Language: English

Pages: 23

A guy is masturbating and his mistress catches him. Then all of a sudden they are fucking! The plot is deep I know, but what I really enjoyed was the unique sex scenes.

All of you have heard of the classic amazon position right? Well, this doujin likes to take it to the next level! Every single scene is about to be something common like cowgirl, cunnilingus and blowjobs… but it somehow turns into an amazon position move. Just a hunch, but I feel like this artist has a fetish for it 🙂 Nobody here is complaining though. He has good tastes and so do we!

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4 years ago

looks great!