Evil Woman’s Crown 悪女の栄冠 [エムサイズ]

Evil Woman's Crown 悪女の栄冠 [エムサイズ]

Type: Video Game  

Genre: School, Facesitting, Bondage, Gangbang

Language: Japanese <– Try our translator!

File Size: 802 MB  

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The Onosaki Gakuen Baseball Team is a small family with only 9 members. Despite their lack of chemistry, they have a certain goal in mind. They’re practicing with aim of winning their first official game with their star player, Captain Kenji!

One day, the team is introduced to their very first manager. Her name is Hana Koishikawa. The whole team is so happy, further intensifying the fighting spirit.

Little did they know, they have a special fate waiting for them!

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3 years ago

been trying to get the translator to work but i cant even update the shared database because apparently the connection is off? i did follow the guide though

3 years ago

Exception occurred. Access violation at address 001C0614 in module ‘akujo.exe’. Read of address 00000130
What error is this?

3 years ago

I’ve been unable to get this to work, though troubleshooting compatibility and running Windows on an older version (8 as opposed to 10) does change the error dialogue I get. At first, I was getting an issue with permissions, but now it throws an exception and refuses to open the file. Attempting to open it does open a window titled ‘Live Player’, though it has a black screen and does nothing (the two buttons, titled ‘Exit’ and ‘Full Screen’ also give similar error dialogues). If I may ask, Admin, what did you run this program on? Do you have any special programs that would help an executable like this run?

2 years ago

i can’t download the file

Is there a new version of this game? Use our to let us know!