Amazon Kara

Type: Video Game  

Genre: Futanari, Monster Girls, Bondage, Ryona, Battle-fuck, Yuri

Language: English  

File Size: 50 MB 

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You play as Kara, a young female warrior who’s trying to restore balance in the world. In order to do that, you must find 5 crystals. Doesn’t sound too bad right? Unfortunately, the crystals are kept with the most powerful monster girls in the world!

Trust me when I say this, it’s extremely hard to beat them. Most hentai games have good sex scenes, but lack any sort skill. Amazon Kara on the other hand, has both! It’s an extremely difficult battle-fuck game with a surprisingly large amount of erotic content. It mainly focuses on yuri content with a mix of other hardcore fetishes like futanari. If you like that sort of thing, give it a try!

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Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
2 years ago

I noticed a reverse-r*pe tag on this game, does this mean MC gets to have her way with a male fighter or NPC?

Reply to  Succubus Hunter
2 years ago

nah, there are only females and futas in this game

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
Reply to  Nait
2 years ago

Darn. I was really hoping forsome girl on guy battlef*ck fun.

This game still looks good so I might still give it a try eventually.

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