Kono Bismarck ni Saimin nante Kakaru Wake ga Nai ja Nai!

Type: Manga

Genre: Mind Break, Multiple Orgasms, Big Boobs, Comedy

Language: English

Pages: 20

The captain of the ship was mumbling to himself in his office. He has a special power, allowing him to hypnotize others. One of the female crew members, Bismarck, overhears him and finds out the truth!

Absolutely furious, she warns him to prepare himself because he’s about to get a beating!

However, the captain was not fazed because he has the power of hypnosis. What can she possibly do? Well with the element of surprise, she grabs hold of his cock! With no time to react, he can’t gain focus to activate his spells. She has complete control over him and plans to make him pay for his crimes!

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