The Power of Sex

Type: Manga

Genre: Mature Woman, Teacher and Student, Submissive, Big Boobs

Language: English

Pages: 20

Utsumi, a student attending school in Japan, recently took his final exams and did not do so well. His mother briefly comes in and complains to the teacher Fuuko about her sons low scores. Utsumi hangs his head ashamed. After his mother leave, he immediately apologizes for her actions and tells Fuuko he will do better. She immediately pressed him against the wall of the office and commands him to get better grades, but finds another way to entice him to increase the final scores. From handjobs to panty sniffing, she exposes him to a plethora of sexual delights his mother hid from him for many years. After destroying his innocence and instilling good grades in him, she takes him to a hotel to play as a reward for the high marks on his final scores. Utsumi’s reward was Fuuko’s body all to himself for one night only. What happens in the hotel is an example of all the progress Utsumi has made not only in the classroom, but the bedroom as well! What ensues is a special test from Fuuko, and it seems that Utsumi has passed with flying colors.

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