Cornelica, Town of Succubi 4

Type: Movie

Genre: Succubus, Reverse Rape, Multiple Orgasms, Big Boobs, Shota

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

In the succubi town of Cornelica, Al managed to survive his previous encounters with its residents such as the mischievious succubi Arune and the insatiable barkeeper Rosary. Al is currently staying with Lily, who had previously rescued him, and he’s managed to continue living his life again.

One day, Arune appears at his door to seek forgiveness for her naughty deeds a few days back. To make it up to him, Arune offers to treat Al to a little banquet at Rosary’s bar. After seeing her sincere apology, Al has no choice but to accept the offer.

However, something feels off when Al arrives at the packed bar and realises that he is the only male in a room full of female succubi. Like a fly caught in a spider’s web, how will he be able to escape this time?

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