Your Secret Keeper

Type: Manhwa

Genre: Full Color, Blackmail, Office Workers, Strap-on, Cross Dressing, Love Triangle

Language: English

Chapters: 41

Ms. Lee is having trouble at work because of her annoying boss. He is constantly bothering her, asking her to redo everything. This is all about to change after finding out he has a big secret. With complete control over him, she can do whatever she wants. What is this secret, and what will she do with all this power? 😉

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4 months ago

god thank you omfg i didnt expect it was translated already god bless you

3 months ago

its awesome!! but alot of it is plot, not porn jsyk. still alot of porn in there lol

Why Do We Exist
Why Do We Exist
3 months ago

I have read this manhwa before but it was named “Confidentiality”