Yuzutyie Image Collection

Type: Image Pack

Focused Genres: Animated, Big Breasts, Titjob, Cowgirl, Smug faces

Image Amount: 77 gifs/mp4 + 26 images

File Size: 315 MB

Are you a fan of big breasts? Do you love being dominated, tied to a bed and milked? Well, this artist loves it too! I took a look at his pages, and found quite a bit of femdom content. Luckily for us, most of his images end up being animated. Expect to see loads of titjobs, bondage, and smug faces!

[Total: 11   Average: 5/5]
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17 days ago

Oh, this is a good one. I already had several of his works in my collection. Thanks Hemdom!

14 days ago

Is it just me or are the gifs / mp4 files missing from the zip folder?

It shows them being extracted but when the extraction is finished there’s only a “pics” folder with image files.