Lust Pandora 18

Type: Manga

Genre: Succubus, Shota, Teasing, Feet, Armpit and Ear Licking

Language: English

Pages: 20

A succubus has caught a young man deep in an alleyway. There is nobody around so if he’s going to get out in one piece, he must resist her. The problem is that succubus focus on sexual attacks, which most people aren’t prepared for.

She is surprised to find out that he has a fetish for armpits and feet but doesn’t mind. They’re both very helpful for dominating her target, which she loves. Her goal is to make him a slave, become his owner so that no other succubus can take him! The question is, will she be successful?

[Total: 13   Average: 3.6/5]
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1 month ago

PLOT TWIST – There’s a worse soul sucker at the church, how else does a kid get that sort of a fetish 😂

Reply to  Harija
1 month ago

bruh, tbh I thought that female priestess would say UWU instead of Ufu.

Le gourmet
Le gourmet
12 days ago

WOW I’ve never seen a hentai with such nice drawed bare feet. So sexy <3
Thanks for the share.
I love foot domination but this content is so rare in hentai. If you know other hentai with such good foot domination scene, i would be gratefull lol.