Summer Mischief

Type: Manga

Genre: Big Breasts, Paizuri, Teasing, Virgin, Multiple Orgasms, Vanilla Sex

Language: English

Pages: 23

Kaori has this beaming smile all the time. Even in the most boring day ever, she always has it. Makes you wonder what she thinks about all the time. Well… it’s sex! She is extremely horny every second of the day. Which is why she gets along with all the boys, because they’re the exact same!

During the summer break, she has her eye on you. Since you’re very shy, it’s fun for her to tease you. Lewd thoughts go through your brain, but you never make a move. She knows how you feel, and she’s tired of waiting. Prepare yourself because she’s ready to dominate!

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2 years ago

I read it and I gotta say, I love it. From the facial expressions to the dialogue, I enjoyed every part of it.