Koko ga Enmusubi no Meikyuu to Yobareru you ni Natta Wake

Type: Manga

Genre: Monster Girl, Gangbang, Tentacles, Mind Break

Language: English

Pages: 23

A young couple are training in the forest. He tries to be a gentleman by surprising her with a gift. She is flattered! Happy ending? Nope…

Little did he know, they were not alone. While distracted, a slime comes out of nowhere and restrains them. This slime is very strong, they were no match anyway. Of course this is a hentai, so this slime decides to make their defeat as lewd as possible.

She gets a hold of his girlfriend first, and proceeds to violate her right infront of him. Of course as a beta bitch, he begs for her to stop but the slime has a better idea; why don’t you join in?

The manga is very heavy in mind break and tears. So if you’re into Dacryphillia, this is a mega nutter. It’s also good for those who just like reverse rape scenes or gangbangs. There may or may not be slimy tentacles in there as well. Why don’t you go and find out? 😉

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1 year ago

All the links are offline.

4 years ago

Dude, you gotta tag it when there’s butt stuff.