REsolution – In Another World, the Hero is Toyed with through Status Effects –

REsolution -In Another World, the Hero is Toyed with through Status Effects- [RR Research Society]
REsolution -In Another World, the Hero is Toyed with through Status Effects- [RR Research Society]

Type: Video Game  

Genre: Animated, RPG, Reverse Rape, Monster Girls, Fighting, Drugged

Language: Japanese <– Try our translator

File Size: 1.82 GB

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You play as a hero that has recently defeated the Demon King. However, during the demon’s last moments, he placed a curse on you and your party. As you and your party search for a way to break the curse, you stumble into another world. That world is a place where wishes are granted. But there is only one person who can grant their wish. To break the curse, you must fight monster girls and former allies!

In this real-time RPG, status effects pile up, and it’s very easy to lose. If you don’t cure your status effects, you’ll be defeated for sure. Beyond defeat, reverse-rape awaits! Get drained dry by monster girls, and even your own allies! Face the enemy with a wide array of weapons, gear and skills!

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3 years ago
Overall Rating :

Alright, after playing for several hours without knowing any Japanese, I’m still having lots of fun with this game. If you’re trying to figure out how to beat some of the girls, I’ll post basic strategies for the battles I’ve beaten without cheating or using OP equipment.

Some updates on the mechanics I posted in my previous comment below: on the equip screen, your weapon is the first slot. The weapon seems to dictate your A/S/D abilities. Your second equip slot always dictates your F-ability. Picking the right weapon and F-ability is a huge part of each battle. If you’re unsure what your abilities do, just fuck around in the equip screen dummy battle. They’re actually pretty easy to figure out. Your Z/X/C/V abilities never change. Also, some status debuffs for some girls require multiple V debuff spell usages to remove.

Also, for the bottom 3 equip slots on the equip screen, be sure not to equip them at random. Use the auto-select feature when in doubt since it doesn’t seem to ever equip bad equipment. Some of the equips there will actually debuff you (ex. drain stamina, drain poise), probably for people who want more of a challenge.

Finally, when you’re stuck in the rape minigame, know that it costs 3 stamina to press a button to escape. If you have debuffs you might lose more stamina after, but the game will still let you press the button. For example, in battle 1 (slime girl), if she has debuffed you enough it might cost 10 stamina per escape command input. However, you can still press the escape command once you get 3 stamina, which will bring you to -7 stamina. The game doesn’t allow you to have negative stamina, so it instantly brings you to 0, saving you some stamina overall.

Anyway, on to the guide.

Arc 1 Battle 1 – It’s just text, no battling here.

Arc 1 Battle 2 – Slime Girl Tips

You start this battle with a level-1 stamina debuff, so purge it right away with V the second the match starts.

Throw out several punches to burn off some stamina and deal damage. You can burst her down pretty easily (~2 full stamina bars worth of atking to finish her), so this is a very easy fight once you know the mechanics.

When her orange bar fills normally, she’ll do a light attack that deals damage to HP and to your Orange poise bar (remember, when orange runs out it starts the rape escape minigame). You can block these with “X” for a free +30 stamina every time. If you get hit by it it’s usually no big deal though.

When her orange bar fills AND there’s a symbol of a crossed out shield under her Orange bar, she will do one of two attacks. It’s either a standard attack that does high poise damage (~50% of your poise) (blockable for +30 stamina gain), or a strong debuff. If you shield and she does the debuff I believe it applies two different types of debuff. Therefore, on average, it’s better not to try to shield these attacks. If you can, try to dodge with “C”. You can always gamble and try to block since you might get lucky and get the physical attack, which means at least you get the +30 stamina.

Her purple bar always applies a strong debuff. Cannot be shielded, try to dodge with “C”.

If you have to pick between using your “C” to dodge a purple-bar attack or an orange-bar with crossed out shield, I’d try to dodge the purple debuff. Note that you CAN dodge both attacks with a single “C” if they fill up at the exact same time.

The type of debuffs she applies are usually stamina based. One of them usually slows stamina gain. The other debuff makes all of your moves consume more stamina (ex. if your attack usually takes up 5 stamina per atk, she’ll make it take up 6, then 7, then 8 as she debuffs you).

Rape mode: She’ll rub the hero’s dick with her thighs / intracrural sex. The increased stamina consumption also applies to when she’s raping you as you try to get free. With even some light debuffs, she’ll drain your stamina extremely fast when in rape mode. If she’s super horny (ex. you’ve been stuck in rape mode too long or you input the wrong commands to escape), she moves really fast. This is basically game over if you have any kind of debuff and low stamina, since the increased stamina consumption starts compounding really hard. You can probably safely escape the rape minigame twice per battle without being level drained. Remember, each time you enter the minigame, it’s harder to escape.

Defeat condition: If she wins, it’ll be because she raped you and drained you to level 1, and you didn’t have enough stamina to escape or your stamina drained too quickly while escaping due to debuffs. She will likely not win by depleting your HP to 0, so don’t ever bother restoring HP to yourself. If you’re having difficulty, I recommend going to the Equip screen and changing your second Equip slot since the default command for “F” is HP regen. A good replacement choice is the one that starts with “ST” and has the number “3” in it later on. It restores like 50 stamina for free, though it makes you unable to act for 3 seconds.

General strategy: Spam attack, always keep 10 stamina in reserve for shield / dodge. When her Orange bar is a second away from maxing out for her regular attack, use X to block and regain +30 stamina, then keep attacking. Purge any debuffs with V the second you get affected. Use C to dodge purple-bar debuffs or Unblockable Orange bar attacks, and if you don’t have dodge just tank the hit and debuff yourself quickly.

Arc 1 Battle 3 – Blue Haired Girl

Attack right out the gate, but don’t spam Z too much too fast. She seems to have some kind of invisible combo gauge. If you hit her too rapidly, her face flashes on the screen. When this happens, she’ll negate your last atk (it will deal 0 damage) and it will apply a debuff to you. This debuff blacks out the “C” dodge button so you can’t dodge (I think it has other effects as the debuff level increases). The debuff can be healed immediately with V, though, so you shouldn’t let it build up anyway.

She has two common orange-bar moves. If there is an Unblockable symbol under her orange bar, DO NOT BLOCK. When she has this symbol, her move is to lean in and kiss you. If you do nothing and just wait, the move is actually dodged. If you’re blocking when she does this, she will land her kiss. This applies a debuff that stops you from blocking again. This means you can’t block future Orange attacks and regain your stamina off of them. The debuff lasts around 15 seconds.

If there’s no Unblockable symbol under her orange bar, it’s generally a light or heavy poise damaging attack. You can always block them to safely regain stamina. If you fail to block it and it’s the light attack, it can apply a stamina debuff.

When her purple bar fills, she casts some kind of invisible buff on herself. Remember that combo gauge I mentioned before where she’ll randomly negate your attack and debuff you? It seems to be related to that. I’m not sure of the exact mechanic, but I notice if I attack her right after she uses her purple-bar self-buff, she instantly negates my attack and debuffs me. Alternatively, maybe it’s a speed buff to herself. Really not sure. Anyway, you don’t need to dodge or block it, so don’t waste your stamina and cooldowns trying to block or dodge her purple bar move; it’s not an attack to begin with.

I’ll usually attack once anyway and purge myself to get her shield buff out of the way, but then I won’t attack for a bit. I think there’s some kind of invisible timer for when she negates vs. when you can actually hit her (or maybe it’s in the Japanese text somewhere). I find I can attack most reliably once I dodge a standard orange atk (not unblockable) with C (as opposed to blocking with X). She doesn’t seem to retaliate then, and I can fit in multiple hits. Using A/S or multihit moves often makes her block and debuff me so I never use them for this fight.

Rape mode: She’ll give a handjob. Honestly she doesn’t drain too much stamina compared to the slime girl so she’s way easier to break out from.

Defeat Condition: From what I recall, if she wins it’ll usually be due to level drain, not HP damage. For your second equip slot (for the F command), you can use whatever you want. Stamina restore, 5-second damage boost or the one that reduces all of your cooldowns by 10 are OK (though honestly it doesn’t matter, you can win this battle with Z/X/C/V).

General Strategy: Attack slowly. This fight is also pretty straightforward, if a bit slower since you have to figure out when you can attack vs. when you can’t. Might require a few attempts to learn some patterns. Shield regular orange attacks, but don’t shield unblockable Orange attacks. Purge any debuffs with V right away.

Arc 1 Battle 4 – Elegant girl

This battle features an elegant lady in a sunflower dress who has some cool looking monster-girl features. If you do it right, this fight should be over fast.

Don’t equip your new weapon before fighting. While the new A-skill it provides is godly (it uses 30 stamina but greatly buffs your stamina recovery for the next while), it’s counterproductive for the next fight since that’s a weapon used for long fights, and this one is very quick.

Her orange bar attack cannot be blocked. It applies a 10 second countdown timer to you. Once the timer depletes, a debuff activates wherein you can’t do anything other than attack.

This girl’s purple bar attack is straightforward. It deletes your whole poise bar and sends you straight into the rape minigame. Pretty easy to escape with sufficient stamina 3 times or so, but after that you can expect she’ll start draining levels since you’ll be stuck in the mode for so long.

Rape mode: She gives the hero a handjob from behind while teasing his nipples. Easy to escape, but because she gets you into this mode so frequently it’ll eventually become impossible to escape if you let it keep happening.

Defeat Condition: 100% by level drain. She’ll barely touch your HP pool, don’t bring any skills that regen HP since they’re worthless here.

General strategy: Burst attack before she can rape you too much. This is a very fast battle where either you win decisively or she does (if she gets her debuff off). Don’t shield. I recommend saving your dodge for the purple bar attack, since sometimes even if she gets off the orange-bar debuff, she’ll start raping you before the 10-second activation mark hits and thereby nullifying it. For F-skill, I recommend either cooldown (for an extra dodge), or bonus atk buff (highly recommend this one, makes the fight way easier). This is an easy fight, just don’t bring the wrong weapon.

Arc 1 Battle 5 – Clone girl

Features a cute girl in a lab coat who can apparently clone herself.

Her normal orange bar attack is nothing dangerous. Her unblockable orange bar attack applies a debuff that stops you from dodging. If you don’t notice the unblockable symbol and try to block it anyway, it applies an even stronger debuff that locks out even more of your moves. Her purple bar attack can apply various debuffs (ex. One stops you from blocking), but one in particular is basically match-deciding. If you see a Level 5 debuff applied to your hero, you’re done. Just hit Q to instantly surrender at that point. That particular skill reduces your attack to basically 0. If she debuffs you further, your attacks will actually heal her as you attack her. Keep hitting her and she’ll even exceed her maximum HP threshold.

I recommend you use your stronger weapon that has the A-skill that consumes 30 stamina to boost your stamina regen over time. For your F skill, damage boost is likely ideal. Cooldown reduction or stamina boost might be OK too.
Rape mode: Various clones of her play with the hero. If you get the battle to this point you’re probably not playing the match-up correctly.

Defeat condition: The most common thing that will decide this battle is getting hit by the Level 5 debuff. There’s likely some element of RNG here, so just battle again and again and hope she doesn’t use that move.

General Strategy: Hyper-aggression. Never stop attacking. Spam Z. If there’s a regular Orange bar attack incoming, block for +30 stamina, then keep attacking. If the purple bar attack is incoming, dodge at the last second, then keep attacking. Use your A/S/F abilities as soon as they come off cooldown. You can use V to purge certain debuffs. If done right (and with some luck), you can burst her down before she gets the omega Level 5 debuff on you.

Arc 2

From this point on, I think I’ll just explain the mechanics of the girl’s skills, and you guys can experiment to figure out how to win since that’s honestly the core gameplay and it can be really rewarding. It usually takes me a few hours minimum for most battles, with a few exceptions for really hard and really easy battles.

Battle 1 – Plant Girl

This one took me a long time to figure out.

She only has one Purple Bar attack. Whips/vines will flash across the screen to hold you in place. It applies an Immobilization debuff that lowers your stamina regeneration (or perhaps it increases your stamina consumption per skill, I don’t recall). This debuff cannot be purged! Every time it is applied it increases in Level. The debuff goes from Level 1 to Level 5. Once you’re at Level 5, you’re fully immobilized and cannot move. She will rape you and you the game will not even let you enter escape commands. You have to finish the fight before this debuff hits level 5, so this match is on a timer. You can DODGE this attack, though, so that gives you a bit more time to work with.

She has two Orange Bar attacks. One is a regular light attack that damages your poise. You’re meant to block it to regain stamina. If you don’t block it, it will apply a stamina debuff that can be safely purged. Her orange bar fills really fast so you’ll probably get hit by this once or twice just because your Block skill might still be on cooldown.

After a certain number of Orange attacks (I think 3?), her next Orange Bar attack will be a special move. Her face flashes on the screen and she covers you in a mass of vines that hides her from sight. It cannot be blocked or dodged so make sure you don’t waste those moves (and more importantly the stamina!). Remember, she does this in a fixed pattern, so if you pay attention to her attack patterns you’ll know when she’s going to do it – just let the move happen. The key thing here is if you know this move is coming, you can save your dodge or block since you know there’s no point in using those moves. This vine move is unavoidable, unfortunately.

When the Vine state is active, things get tricky. If you attack, she will instantly apply one level of the Immobilization debuff. You can only break this state by using a Heavy Attack (ex. This should be your “S” command if you’re using your strongest available weapon at this point), but you still have to tank the immobilization debuff to escape. There’s no way around it, and this in particular is why the match is on a timer. She will always eventually use the Vine move, and once she does you HAVE to use a Heavy Attack to escape, which means you’ll always have to take more levels to the Immobilization debuff. Note that if you use your regular Z attack when the Vines are covering her, it will apply the Immobilization debuff and she’ll still be in the vine state, so you have to attack again 2 or 3 times before she comes out (at which point the match is basically over since you have 2-3 levels of unnecessary Immobilization).

The general strategy is to attack relentlessly.

Arc 2 Battle 2 – Dullahan

As I recall this battle isn’t too hard. Her main gimmicks are to apply status debuffs that stop you from using certain moves. First she’ll take away your ability to block, then dodge, then attack. Eventually she’ll take away your ability to purge debuffs. At that point, when she eventually breaks your poise and starts raping you, you can’t enter any escape commands. The game kinda teases you since you’ll probably have max stamina but you’re unable to input anything as she slowly rides you.

She’s pretty busty and hot for an undead though so it’s a win-win.

You can win by bursting her down at the right time. You can regain stamina by blocking her orange attacks (at least until she takes away your ability to block later in the match), and you can purge some of her debuffs to a limited degree. Good luck!

Arc 2 Battle 3 – Zombie / Ghoul (?) Girl

Another busty probably-undead girl in hot pants. She’s pretty easy to burst down. This match is very fast paced – her Orange and Purple bars fill extremely fast, so the right weapon choice is paramount (ex. As I recall, there’s no point of using that 15 second Stamina Regen spell since the fight is going to be decided before the duration of the buff is even used up).

Her purple bar applies a debuff that stops you from regaining stamina. Her orange bar breaks your poise completely.

This match is mostly a matter of picking the right weapon and F skill, and then relentlessly attacking (with well-timed blocks etc.) until you win. Or lose. She sucks you off and you can’t even regain stamina to break out, but you’re probably not complaining.

Arc 3 Battle 4 – Grim Reaper Girl

This is one of the very, very few matches in the game where your loss condition will be consistently be HP loss instead of Level Drain. This is because every Orange attack of her applies a HP debuff that drains HP over time. This debuff affects you even during the rape minigame, so she kills you even as she’s giving you a Paizuri. Really takes Femme Fatale to the next level.

Some of her attacks might apply a powerful stamina debuff instead. If you get in stuck in the Rape Minigame with low stamina and the stamina debuff, it’s over. Her ability to make you come is by far the slowest among the girls and it’s almost certainly intentional for this exact situation, so she can slowly make you come when you can’t do anything about it.

Despite her being the most volatile opponent in Arc 2, I’d say this match is surprisingly the easiest. You can just relentlessly attack to win with a few blocks and dodges mixed in. Purge every debuff.

Arc 2 Battle 5 – There is no battle here, it’s just dialogue.

Arc 3 Battle 1 – Slime Girl #2

Above all else, don’t get hit by the Purple bar technique (the kiss) since it applies a million debuffs all at once. Use your dodge for that.

Despite the fact that her Orange Bar attacks say “Unblockable”, I suggest you block them anyway. You still regain Stamina, the only issue is that it applies some debuffs which you can purge half the time.

This match is as easy as that. Attack, block the orange moves that are listed as Unblockable, and win.

Arc 3 Battle 2 – Martial Arts Girl

She gets faster and faster and stronger and stronger as the fight goes on. It becomes impossible to win if the fight drags on too long. Just attack relentlessly until you win. This one is really easy.

She has no special debuffs that she applies, and her footjob animation is not too particularly difficult to escape from.

Arc 3 Battle 3 – The Terrible Trio

This one took me at least 6 hours to beat spread out over a few days. Seriously. You need to understand the enemy patterns and rush them down at the right time or you’ll never get anywhere. I’ll write a full explanation for this one since this battle is complex.

The girls swap in for each other every time they take an action. They always take turns in the order of Red, Blue, Red, Green. This loops infinitely for the whole fight. Each girl has their own Orange Bar and Purple Bar move which you need to understand.

Red Girl’s Orange-Bar Technique: a light physical attack that does almost 0 damage. This is a freebie for you to block and regain stamina and has no other effect.

Red Girl’s Purple-Bar Technique: Cannot be blocked or dodged. She starts trying to hypnotize / charm you. A bar appears at the top that steadily increases. Mash Z to decrease the bar. If you mash fast enough and reduce the bar to 0, you escape. It’s very easy to escape the first time. However, when you escape, she will apply a 60-second debuff that makes it almost impossible to escape if she hypnotizes you again. This means that you can get hit by this move once for free (do this at a strategic time to waste their turn), but after that you must not let the Purple bar fill up on her turn again unless the 60-second timer runs out. If she lands the full hypnosis and the bar fills up, the hero blacks out and the other two girls go to town on him. To start, the blue-haired girl will step on you from above, and you have to mash Z for a while to escape. The longer she grinds her feet over you, the more she damages and debuffs you. Once you escape her, you’re instantly taken to the standard rape escape minigame with the Green-haired girl. You never want to get hit by this full move – avoiding the second hypnosis is the highest priority of the match.

Blue Girl’s Orange-Bar Technique: Boosts the girls’ Purple Bar by around half a bar. Seems innocent, but remember the turn order is always Red-Blue-Red-Green. This means the Redhead’s turn is immediately after, and if she has a mostly filled Purple Bar that means you’re about to get hypnotized by the Red Girl which is the worst outcome.

Blue Girl’s Purple-Bar Technique: Heals the girls for around 6000 HP. She will do this even if they’re already at max HP. Honestly, Blue is a very annoying support character for her team, but she does her job well. You should let this activate as often as possible only if you’ve barely hurt them (ex. If you’re stalling for cooldowns to reduce at match start, and they’re already near max HP).

Green Girl’s Orange-Bar Technique: Same as Red’s. A light physical attack that does almost 0 damage. This is a freebie for you to block and regain stamina and has no other effect.

Green Girl’s Purple-Bar Technique: Deletes all of your poise and instantly brings you to the rape minigame. If you hit the block button before she uses this move, while she’ll still start the rape, you’ll get the +30 stamina first! This extra stamina is often the key to victory. This is also the best way to have the girls use up their purple bar in mid-game, since you can get hit by it 2-3 times and still escape.

Defeat Condition: If you’re a scrub and get hypnotized too much, you might lose by HP reduction if the blue-haired girl steps on you for too long. However, you’ll mostly be losing through level-drain with the Green-haired girl’s rape, particularly as you get better at figuring out their patterns. You can easily escape the first two rape minigames. Getting out of the third depends on how much stamina you have to start. I often found that in the third session, the Green Girl would end up filling the white bar (ex. Making the hero cum and get level drained) once or even twice. Don’t give up when this happens! You can still win even when fighting at a lower level.

Equipment: I have used every weapon and skill combination possible. I don’t think you can win this fight without using the F-skill that decreases a percentage of your HP in exchange for the damage boost buff that lasts 15 seconds. It’s fine to sacrifice HP since you shouldn’t ever be getting hit by the full hypnosis, and that’s the only way the girls deal significant HP damage. You should use your strongest weapon that grants you the highest raw attack. This weapon should have an A-skill atk that deals good damage for 50 stamina, a SUPER powerful S-skill that deals insane damage but consumes like 95 stamina, and a long cooldown D-skill that restores all HP/stamina instantly but can only be used every 2 mins. You might not even use these abilities – you mostly want this weapon for its high atk.

General Strategy: The key to this fight is understanding that YOU indirectly control which abilities the girls will use and when. Any time a girl uses a move, whether orange or purple, they will swap out to the next girl. The orange bar always fills up quickly, and the purple bar fills up slowly. However, every time you attack the purple bar gets boosted. This means if you want to trigger a specific girl’s purple ability, you should spam attack at that time. If you want to ensure that the current girl does NOT use her purple ability for that round, just wait and let the orange bar fill first. The girl will use her orange skill, and then she will swap out to the next girl.

Most of the strategy is about which Purple abilities you allow to activate in which order. You want to let the Blue girl use the purple bar if the girls are already at max HP, since they waste their turn on unnecessary healing (this is mostly at the start while you’re waiting for your Damage Boost ability to come off cooldown). You generally want to let the Green-haired girl land her purple ability and break your poise later on, since you can tank that at least 2-3 times before you start getting drained. You want to ensure you never get hit by the Redhead’s hypnosis when you have the 60 second debuff, since it’s so strong.

More Specific Strategy: You can basically waste their time at the start by attacking at the right time to let your A/S/D/F commands come off cooldown (F is what’s important, the damage boost).

At the start of the fight, attack twice to boost the girls’ purple bar, then wait. Let the Redhead hit you with her Orange move (don’t even need to block). Now it’s Blue’s turn. Hit her once to make sure her Purple bar fills first. She will heal their team and waste their purple bar. Now it’s Green’s turn – don’t attack, just wait patiently. Green will waste her turn using her Orange bar to do negligible damage. Redhead’s turn, continue waiting. Her orange bar should fill and she’ll do negligible damage. You want Blue’s turn to start with her Purple Bar filled as high as possible while her Orange is low. Her Purple Skill will activate and she’ll waste her turn healing, and by this time your F-skill should be available to use.

Activate the damage boost and start attacking as fast as you can. Defend everything that gives you the +30 stamina as often as you can, then use that stamina to keep fighting. However, keep some focus on tracking the purple bar. You can tank one hypnosis from the redhead for free, otherwise, try to let the purple bar fill up on the Green girl’s turn. If the Blue girl pulls off a heal, it sucks but don’t get discouraged, it’s still very winnable. If the blue girl activates her orange skill, it should be when the purple bar is already empty, so you don’t get hypnotized next turn.

You can freestyle it at this point since the battle changes drastically depending on the slightest variation in timing. If you attack one extra or less time compared to myself, for example, you might end up activating a purple ability instead of an orange or vice-versa.

Arc 3 Battle 4 – Currently in this middle of this one; I’m having fun trying to figure this one out. It helps that the girl is super cute. 

4 years ago

anyone gotta full save?

4 years ago

look great. I hope there is footjob in it.

4 years ago

I did everything listed on that page to translate this game, but it’s still not in English.

Reply to  Craig!
4 years ago

Same problem here

4 years ago

Could you please upload recent version of femdom school?

4 years ago

this game is really hard. If you don’t understand Japanese, this will be almost impossible.

Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

I can relate. How do you get rid of the status effects?

Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

i just spam the healings but sometimes they won’t go away

Reply to  Anonymous
3 years ago

Here’s what I’ve figured out about the game so far (don’t know any JP, so just what I’ve observed).

In the main menu, there are 3 places of interest. “Story” contains the fights vs. monster girls. When you click Story you get a left-hand menu and right-hand menu. The left hand menu is like “Arc 1”, and right hand menu is specific battles (so you have Arc 1 Battle 1, Arc 1 Battle 2, Arc 1 Battle 3) etc. The first “fight” is just dialogue, so you can hold CTRL and skip through it to unlock Arc 1 Battle 2. You need to beat the Monster Girl to get to the next battle. If you lose to any Monster girl, you seem to get an item that you can equip later that will make future battles easier.

In the main menu, there is also an “Equip” section. This lets you fight against a dummy that does not fight back, so you can experiment with your different commands as well as different equipment. If you press Q in this area, it will Quit back to the main menu. If you press E, it opens up the Equipment area. There are 4 buttons to Equip. The first is to manually equip stuff (pretty easy, since as you get new equipment you can see it increases or decreases some stats). The second seems to auto-equip stuff. The third is unequip all. No idea what the 4th does.

During the Equip section dummy fight, you should figure out what all of your 8 commands do.

In combat, you start off as LVL 99 with a Stamina Bar (Yellow, labelled ST 100/100) and HP Bar (Red, starts off 7500/7500). You have 8 options you can perform that use up Stamina. Some of these actions have a Cooldown. You can view these at any time by hovering your mouse over these icons. Changing equipment can affect stamina costs, cooldowns, damage etc.

Bottom row contains the most common commands. From left to right

Z (fist) – basic punch, deals some damage and consumes 5 stamina. 0 cooldown so you can spam punch and all-in to try to seal a win. You can “combo” but the bonus damage from combos doesn’t seem too high. I’m sure the combo mechanic is useful in specific fights or against specific characters since this game is all about gimmicks. More importantly, when you hit a monster girl it shortens the amount of time until she attacks (more on that later), so you gotta be strategic about when you hit.

X (Shield) – Applies a short 1 second buff that you can use RIGHT before you get hit by CERTAIN attacks. If the girl uses a “physical” based strike and you shield it, you take little/no damage AND you gain +30 stamina. Getting a shield proc off on the right hits and getting that bonus stamina is the difference between victory and defeat, since stamina doesn’t recover fast enough naturally. Unfortunately, Shield doesn’t work against all attacks. If you waste your shield once or twice at the wrong times, or use it against a magic/ debuff attack that doesn’t trigger your shield, it’s often game over since the cooldown is high.

C (dodge) – Same as shield with a 1 second buff that lets you dodge CERTAIN attacks. Unfortunately, the only way to learn which attacks you can shield vs. dodge (and which attacks you can do nothing about) is to fight a monster girl again and again. Spend time experimenting and see what happens when you try to dodge certain moves vs. shield them.

V (Cure debuff) – Removes 1 level of debuff from you. Doesn’t work against all debuffs, unfortunately – the only way to learn is trial and error. If you’re getting hit by debuffs that you can’t purge, chances are you either need to avoid / shield the attack somehow, or perhaps randomly change equipment (I’m sure there’s some specific status resist equipment that you can unlock, but hell if I know how to translate that shit).

Top row contains commands that I rarely use.
A (fist) – Medium strength damage that uses more stamina and has a longer cooldown

S (fist) – Large strength damage, more stamina and cooldown.

D (HP Heal) – Light HP heal. Shares the same icon as Debuff cure and Large HP Heal for some reason.

F (HP Heal) – Large HP heal. Using HP heals really depends on the type of monster girl you’re fighting. Some of them win by stacking debuffs, then making you cum. Healing HP vs. them is usually a waste since they’re not going to win by making your HP drop, anyway. Some of the more physically inclined fighters will try to win by HP reduction, though, so it’s OK for them.

Monster Girl attacks: They have two “action” bars that quickly fill throughout the fight. When a bar reaches its max, the girl takes an action. The purple ball is usually slower and has a heavier / unique attack – dodge TENDS to be the better default option for these. The orange bar is often a lighter physical attack – it TENDS to be better to shield these since you can often get bonus stamina from these attacks. Sometimes shielding some attacks gives you the bonus stamina but you get debuffed anyway – that’s just how the game goes.

If you enter a fight for the second time, the game gives you an option to skip straight to the fight (top option) or rewatch pre-battle dialogue (second option).

If you lose a fight, the game gives you an option to end the fight immediately (first option), or for the girl to drain you out as she talks to you (second option). The second option is cool but it’s the same sex animation as in combat and it’s not like we can understand the dialogue, sooooo it’s usually a waste of time.

Staggered State:
Speaking of in combat sex, you have an orange bar above your stamina. I’m just calling it “Poise” for now. When enemies hit you with certain attacks, it reduces your poise. Once the enemy breaks your Poise, you entered a “Staggered” state minigame. The orange bar re-appears, but this time it’s the enemy’s Poise as they attempt to get you into a raped state. You generally want to get out of Stagger as fast as you can, since while you’re in this state your stamina periodically drops. Some enemies have debuffs that keep you in this state for longer, or prevent you from acting for some time at the start of the minigame so they can drain more stamina.

During this minigame, there will be icons on the left that are presented in a vertical row (fist, shield, dodge, heal). You need to press the corresponding icons accordingly (Z/X/C/V) to break out of stagger state. Every time you press a button, the new Orange enemy Poise bar drops. Pressing a button unfortunately costs stamina, so if you don’t have enough stamina when you’re staggered you’re (literally) fucked. If you have enough stamina and press the right buttons quickly enough, the enemy Orange bar goes down to 0 and you break out and resume normal combat. What makes this whole minigame tricky is the game will auto-press the right button for you at random intervals. So if you see that you need to press Z X C V, it might be that you press Z X, and then the game auto-inputs C for you. However, since you weren’t expecting it, you press C again anyway, but the current icon is waiting for V. It forced you to enter the wrong input. When you enter the wrong input, you lose some stamina AND the enemy orange Poise bar recovers a bit.

Some enemies have unique stagger states / minigames (ex. kiss, stepping on you etc.). You may have to mash Z to get out of these. There’s sometimes a bar that you can see on the top. Mashing Z reduces the bar, while it increases over time (faster if you’re debuffed). Being stuck in this state for longer is bad (ex. longer kiss = longer debuff, being stepped in longer = more damage taken once you break out).

If the enemy keeps you in Stagger state for long enough, they start raping you (unless it’s a unique stagger like Kiss/Stepping). Same minigame rules apply as stagger state. There’s a new white bar above their orange Poise bar. If it fills up, you’ll cum and they’ll drain about 30 levels. Once they start level draining you the fight becomes much harder, though you can still rarely pull off clutch wins. If they drain you to Level 1, you lose the fight. If you input the right commands and break their Orange poise bar, you break out of the raped state and start fighting again. There’s also a meter along the left side that increases vertically – it shows how horny they are. There’s usually 3 states. The first bar is a lighter color. Once it fills up, they pick up speed and a second color bar starts overwriting the first. On the 3rd bar, they’re raping you really fast and your white cum bar will skyrocket quickly. If you input the wrong minigame commands to break out, not only will their orange poise bar increase, but it’ll also boost their lewdness. If you press the wrong button 5-6 times, for example, they’re usually going to be at max speed and it’ll be game over soon.

Hope this helps anyone trying the game. It’s actually pretty fun once you figure out the basics.

4 years ago

Can you make your own video guide on how to set this translator up? I have it running, but nothing translates.

Reply to  Hemdom
3 years ago

Yeah, the program is unsupported now. You can’t download the dictionary since the source link is dead so the program doesn’t do much. Can you upload the dictionary so we can continue using the program?

4 years ago

I can’t even win against the first girl. What am I supposed to do?

4 years ago

In the options at the very bottom, there is an on / off option that allows you to one shot them, and keeps them from doing anything

Reply to  Anonymous
4 years ago

True Hero sir

4 years ago

does the registration site for the translator not work anymore? it keeps telling me the usernames i’ve tried are either already in use or that no such user exists when I try to log in with one that isn’t in use.

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