The Young Masters Partner Maid

Type: Manga

Genre: Fingering, Anal, Futanari, Maid, Shota, Reverse Rape

Language: English

Pages: 17

Roland is a disobedient young man born into a noble family. His parents are desperate to set him straight, so they enlist the help of a maid named Tanya. She is ordered to provide strict guidance in order to improve his grades and behavior. Roland is certain that he will be rid of the new maid in no time, but Tanya is no ordinary maid. She has little patience for his insolence and her punishments are swift and harsh.

She slams him down onto the desk and begins to probe his ass with her finger. He is confounded by these new sensations. However, he hardly has time to process them before she reveals her hefty package. Tanya quickly lunges into him raw no rubber and mercilessly violates his ass. Roland tries to resist but he soon succumbs to the mixture of pain and pleasure, bending to her will.

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3 years ago

That’s a dude so it doesn’t count as femdom.

Hentai is weird