Three Sister’s Harem

Type: Manga

Genre: Incest, Gangbang, Ass Licking, Footjob, Teasing, Facesitting

Language: English

Pages: 35

Three Sister’s Harem follows the time-tested classic plot of a young boy whose mother remarries and moves in with another man, unsurprisingly resulting in our little MC suddenly gaining three new step-sisters! From here on out, the plot basically follows through exactly how you would expect it to, with our MC waking up one summer morning to his three older step-sisters suddenly having developed a very very keen interest in his nether regions.

What quickly ensues is your standard curious-and-horny-sisters-end-up-smashing-their-younger-step-brother-till-they-get-totally-addicted-to-his-huge-pp doujin but for the crucial fact that it’s all drawn in FULL COLOUR (yes colour with a u because I write in UK English you filthy Americans). Which means that the archetypal fit-athletic-tan sister gets to be showcased in her full glory ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and lemme tell ya if that doesn’t drop your zippers then I’m sorry for your colour-blindness.

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