Strange Passion – My Boss, My Mistress

Type: Video Game  

Genre: Blackmail, Cuckold, Bondage, Peeing, Public Sex, Pegging, Reverse Rape, Mind Break

Language: English  

File Size: 255 MB 

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You play as a 22 year old office worker who has a really freaking hot boss. For the most part, she is just like a regular boss, except when you hand something in late! When something very important is due and you hand it in 4 hours late, a punishment should be given right? Our protagonist didn’t think much about it and spent his entire night jacking off and gaming.

Well… Instead of firing you like a normal boss, she gives you another option. As a proper apology, you must kiss her feet and become her new sex slave. Either that, or you’ll be fired and framed for sexually harassing her!

What will you do? I think we both know the answer ?

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Your Dad Who Went To Go Get Milk
Your Dad Who Went To Go Get Milk
2 years ago

blackmail via lying about sexual assault pisses me off but ill give it a try

Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
Reply to  Your Dad Who Went To Go Get Milk
2 years ago

Seconded on being pissed off over the blackmail plot. This is giving me some serious Rising of Shield Hero vibes…

4 years ago

Hello, is it normal that I don’t have any sound ?

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