Sweet Dream Succubus

Type: Video Game  

Genre: Visual Novel, Succubus, Public Sex, Reverse Rape Teasing, Drugged, Vanilla Sex

Language: English  

File Size: 1.16 GB

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Our protagonist has been living a normal life until he had a certain dream. Not just any dream, it had the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen in it. She’s very charming, beautiful, loves to tease and dominate him.

After waking up from his wet dream, his life hasn’t been the same. Every day, he comes across succubus that try to milk him of his juices! Gather clues and preserve your stamina to save yourself from them and their sordid sexual cycle before you have nothing left in this erotic mystery visual novel.

Can you break the curse, or will you become another part of her sweet dream?

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11 months ago

You can no longer download this game

3 years ago

Good shit. Nice small escape game, but the VN UI is hot garbage. It’s like the maker has never played a vn before. No backlog, no skip, no saving, no text-speed control, no settings in general. There’s three different endings but they’re a pain to get to because of how much time you sink into spamming left click over previously-read text.

tl;dr good femdom, ass experience

Your Dad Who Went To Go Get Milk
Your Dad Who Went To Go Get Milk
Reply to  Anon
1 year ago

There are endings?

3 years ago

Can’t seem to extract it. At like 80-90% extraction it an error pops up saying ‘”Sweet_Dream_Succubus_Nightmare_Edition.7z” is not a compressed file…’ Probably a problem on my end.

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