Pitapita Kyouei Pantsu

Type: Manga

Genre: Big Boobs, Bondage, Handjob, Sex Toys, Prostate Milking, Forced Orgasms

Language: English

Pages: 30

What would you do if you’re given the chance to be recruited as a male test subject for sex machines? Would it be heaven, or hell? Our protagonist, Shou, is about to find out just that!

While looking for a part-time job, Shou stumbles upon an interesting advertisement looking for “male test subjects”for Lamia Sexual Factory, preferably submissives willing to be put in place by dominant women. Without a second thought, Shou applies for the job. He manages to get it and is instructed to abstain himself until his testing day.

Which is probably a good thing because his dominatrix will be expecting a LOT from him. Shou will soon find himself tied, helpless, and at the mercy of a very experienced domme within the factory’s sex chambers. How long will Shou be able to last and endure her expert ministrations and special equipment?

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