Joshi Luck! 1

Type: Movie

Genre: Bondage, Gangbang, School, Blackmail

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

Kuroda Koutarou is the manager of the girl’s lacrosse team. He is inside the changing room one day by accident and the girls find him, bind him up, and force him to cum. He also loses the keys to the club’s room. He goes through everything, even the hamper in search for the key, and ends up being seen by Kise Matori holding one of the girl’s underwear. Kise looks very happy as she forces Kuroda into a corner and takes off his pants. Punishments need to be fulfilled!

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4 years ago

Joshi Lac 2 has been out too, also a bit femdom-y in a sort of innocent way.

the french
the french
2 years ago

where it licks the ass ?