Do S Jyoshiryoku

Type: Manga

Genre: Big Boobs, Bondage, Sex Toys, Prostate Massage, Pegging, Footjob, Blowjob, Orgasm Control, Reverse Rape, Threesome

Language: English

Pages: 219

Sometimes, you stumble into an amazing treasure trove of deliciously naughty femdom hentai. This is a collection of not just one, but SEVEN high quality hentai doujins!

1-3: The first three stories are about a young man, Keiichi and his naughty neighbour Eri. One day, Keiichi made the mistake of offering Eri to stay at his place for a while. This led to Eri finding out about Keiichi’s fetishes! She mischievously decides to use his fetishes against him, and puts on the dominatrix bondage attire. Keiichi will find out just how much more “naughty” Eri actually is, as she plays with Keiichi and experiments with sex toys, bondage, and pegging.

4: Realising that a woman is a sadist, Akira, begs her to join him in a hotel room to watch him masturbate. However, he gets more than what he bargained for when he finds out that the woman, Michiru, loves “bullying” boys as a hobby. Michiru then proceeds to play with Akira and punish him in her own special way, leaving him completely drained before making him into her pet.

5: Rina is a special maid whose responsibility is attending to the young Makoto. Makoto has just reached the age of maturity and Rina is requested to educate him on the opposite sex.

6: Nozomi is the last male student in Machida Academy. All the other male students have somehow disappeared, with rumours being that they were sent for training and then being hospitalised from overtraining. To avoid being noticed, Nozomi goes to school wearing a girl’s uniform. Unfortunately, this was not enough to fool the student council president, who captures and drags him to school’s laboratory to meet the public morals committee. There, Nozomi will be tied up and helplessly milked by these two devious women for his semen.

7: Kiichi is a young man with a unique past-time, he has a social media account where he cross-dresses as a girl, Ichika, hoping to gain acceptance and fame from people. By pure chance, after uploading his latest photo wearing knee-high socks, he is approached be a fan, Akane, who invites him to a more private place to talk. There, Akane decides to take control and initiates some fun of her own. Little does Kiichi know, Akane has some “special plans” to generate more fame for his social media account.

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