Sadistic Chun-Li

Type: Manga

Genre: Fighting, Ball Kicking, Smothering, Footjob, Titjob, Blowjob, Prostate Message, Reverse Rape, Mind Break, Golden Shower

Language: English

Pages: 24

An unnamed bully is beating up kids from a dojo, when suddenly Chun-Li appears. She is impressed with his confidence and invites him to partake in “special training.” Unsurprisingly, the boy is overwhelmed by her masterful fighting skills.

She then proceeds to enjoy the spoils of her victory. She places her sweaty foot on his face and the boy’s cocky attitude quickly diminishes. She then places her large shapely butt on his face and gives him a footjob. He cums quickly due to the pleasurable sensations and the lack of oxygen. However, Chun-Li is just getting started. She gives him a simultaneous titjob/blowjob, which quickly results in another climax. Eager to continue her relentless assault, she briefly massages his prostate to bring him back up to full mast. She then fucks him with her skilled vagina, determined to milk every last drop of semen from the obstinate boy.

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2 years ago