MR Sakubasu

Type: Movie

Genre: Succubus, Mind Break, Multiple Orgasms, Sexual Torture

Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

A secret elvish cave ruin is discovered by two treasure hunters, with an ominous warning outside: “An otherworldly woman, our near-eternal lives were snuffed out in a single night”. Inside, two beautiful women are found encased in clear magical diamond crystal. In their greed, the treasure hunters attempt to take out a portion of the valuable diamond crystal but accidentally unleash the two very hungry succubi inside. The treasure hunters will never be heard from again…

A short while later, special forces were alerted to reports of an incident in a nearby town. Inhabitants of the town have mysteriously disappeared. A rescue team was sent there but they too either disappeared or were found dead without any clothes. To figure out what happened, an elite team was dispatched to the town as recon. But nothing can prepare them for the otherworldly pleasures of the deadly succubi.

[Total: 10   Average: 4.6/5]
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10 months ago

This looks really hot, is there perhaps someplace where I can find this in higher quality? Or better yet, where can I find more animations of this style?

4 days ago

can you re-release this one?