Earth Defence Team Star Guardians Vol. 1

Type: Video Game

Genre: Yuri, Monster Girl, Bondage, Mind Break, Hardcore

Language: English

File Size: 490 MB

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We’ve had mistresses breaking boys but now it’s time to change things up with some girl-on-girl femdom action! You are Porin, a member of the elite Star Guardians team in charge of protecting the Spectrum Sphere, an artifact of immense power. However, others are also after the Sphere, including the race of Dystopians who will stop at nothing to obtain true power and obliterate any resistance.

The Dystopians manage to attack Porin’s ship and Porin had to emergency land onto Earth to escape their grasp. However, with the evil Mistress Esliese and tentacle-girl Anemone hot on her trail, will she be able to completely evade them? And what evil tortures will await her when she gets captured?

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