Kyou sei Renai Ore to Ane no Yuganda Kankei

Type: Manga

Genre: Incest, Bondage, Cheating, Reverse Rape, Full Color

Language: English

Pages: 16

This story is about two siblings and a childhood friend; Hirohito, his older sister, and Rin-chan.

They’re all attending the same school, but Hirohito isn’t doing well in class. His older sister, however, is the complete opposite. She’s the top of her class, the class rep, and seems perfect in every way. Everyone is super jealous of her. Luckily for him, his childhood friend Rin-chan, doesn’t care about his grades. In fact, she’s in love with him. She gathers up the courage to ask him out, and they become a couple. 

Little did Hirohito know, his sister doesn’t approve at all! She wants the relationship to fall apart and keep him all to herself. One day while they’re at the dinner table, she tries to bring up how they’ve started to become distant and tries to bring their relationship closer. It ends up not going the way she wanted, and the inner sadist came out!

Hirohito wakes up in his bed with his arms tied. With no way to defend himself, he has to accept whatever his one-chan has planned for him. How is he ever going to tell Rin-chan about this?!

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