Pure-Hearted Girl Et Cetera 1

Type: Movie
Genre: Mature Women, Romantic, Orgasm Denial, Teasing, Footjob
Language: Japanese (English Subtitles)

This hentai is about a man that has a huge fetish for mature women. Luckily for him, he finds one! She’s a virgin, kinda nerdy, and very shy. However, once she got comfortable, she turned into a different person. She’s a brat now and likes to tease him all day long! During sex, she likes to make him hold his orgasm. If he does well, she steps up her game and puts him in sexier positions. If he manages to somehow hold his orgasm, he gets a wish. If he loses, she gets to control him all day long! I wonder who wins? Since she’s a virgin, the hentai starts off as vanilla. But the juicy femdom bits start at the 12min mark. Enjoy!

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