Tokoshie Seven

Type: Manga
Genre: Bondage, Feet, Multiple Orgasms, Reverse Rape, Tan, Teasing,
Language: English
Pages: 33

In a paradise of endless summer, an animator is working hard to finish up his background art for a project that’s due. He soon passes out and ‘wakes up’ with both his arms chained to a bed and blindfolded. His captor, a fellow animator named BB decides he needs a little break from his long hours of drawing and storyboarding. After a brief ‘massage’ with her foot she begins to tease the poor boy, giving him the option to spend the rest of the summer with her. BB being the animators perfect woman immediately jumps on the offer and begins to pleasure her in a plethora of ways. Once the session is complete, he passes out from pure bliss. Only to awaken to his normal life, only BB has a bit more of a bump than last night. 🙂

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