Blind Fire

Blind Fire

Type: Manga

Genre: Romantic, Wholesome, Oral Sex, Teasing, Vanilla, Full Color

Language: English

Pages: 42

This manga takes place in a world full of fantasy and creatures. Our protagonist loves to explore, it’s part of his instincts. Personality wise, he is very shy and doesn’t express his feelings very well. His wife on the other hand, is very powerful and confident but she can’t leave her home, for the sake of this world. She is unable to see due to a curse, but she can sense emotion very well. Recently, she’s noticed that he’s upset about something. Will he have the courage to express his feelings?

The sex scenes are very gentle and wholesome! Something I haven’t posted in a while, so I hope you enjoy 🙂

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3 years ago

There really is nothing better than cunnilingus.

Krul Tepes
Krul Tepes
3 months ago

reUpload please…