A Dog’s Life

Femdom hentai strap-on

Type: Manga

Genre: Heavy Bondage, Humiliation, CBT, Latex, Cunnilingus, Anal Play, Gag, Strap-on, Pegging, Urethra Insertion, Nipple Torture, Piss

Language: English

Pages: 20

A great femdom hentai by the artist Sugar Milk. As to expect from the artist, it’s very hardcore!

Katsumura’s director Sakuragi keeps yelling at him at work. He is becoming more desperate with each passing day, as he just doesn’t know how to deal with her intimidating personality. After another day of being bullied at his job, Katsumura wanders the city nightlife. He wants to forget about the humiliation he experiences from Director Sakuragi, at least for one night. Walking through the city streets, he finds himself talked into setting foot in a SM club. When he enters his assigned room, he suddenly fears that he might have gotten himself into some maledom by accident… It turns out that his bullying colleague actually works there as a dominatrix – Katsumura wasn’t able to escape her after all. She gets assigned to his room and is pleased to see her scared colleague in despair. What awaits him is a life as a slave, both at the SM club and at his job

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2 years ago
Overall Rating :

It’s good. Thank you for sharing!