Violated Hero

Type: Image Pack

Focused Genres: Multiple Orgasms, Monster Girls, Gangbangs

Image Amount: 1,258

File Size: 1.03 GB

The Violated Hero series was created by the one and only; Dieselmine. They are a fantastic femdom hentai game development team, with titles like violated hero and their recently released game; Milking farm under their belt.

One of the reasons I love the Violated Hero games was because of the artwork. It was one of the most popular games at the time because of the care they put into each scene. Keep in mind that the first game was released in 2011. During that time period, high budget femdom hentai games was unheard of. This game was an important moment in femdom hentai history!

The image pack contains all 6 violated hero game CGs. Expect to see a lot of monster girls, gangbangs, multiple orgasms, and reverse rape. They’re all coming for your sexy juices, and you can’t stop them!

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Esteban Rodriguez
Esteban Rodriguez
4 years ago

You’re spoiling us all and I cannot thank you enough.

4 years ago

This is by far my favourite site on the internet. Please don’t go anywhere. Actually love you and your stuff <3