P.D Creations

Gentle Femdom

Type: Image Folder

Genre: Loli, Facesitting, Titjobs, Footjobs, Reverse Rape, Bondage, Hand jobs, Gangbang, Thighjobs, Peeing, Amazon Position, Pegging, Sex Toys, Spit, Drugged, Battle Fuck, Student Uniform, Monster Girls,  and… Vacuum? 

Image Amount: 60

File Size:  311 MB

P.D.creations is a fantastic femdom artist and video game developer that is well known for his animated erotic scenes. You may recognize his art style from a popular femdom hentai game called “The World A Robot Girl Dream Of”, which can be downloaded for free on the hemdomblog if you’d like to check it out 😉

This image pack is going to be a hit or miss depending on your tastes. There is a couple of scenes in this image pack that might be a little bit hardcore for you, but if you’re a pervet like me, you’ll manage. All of the files are gifs. With this artist, it’s easier to find animated scenes then regular pictures. How rare is that?

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4 years ago

amazing :^D