I’ll Turn You Into Yuri’s Wallet, Senpai

Type: Manga

Genre: Findom, Gangbang, Handjob, Footjob, Fisting, Anal, Multiple Orgasms, Mind Break

Language: English

Pages: 34

Yuri is an aspiring medical student who hopes to become a doctor someday. She also happens to have a taste for the finer things in life. She preys on lonely socially awkward men, who are more than happy to part with their paychecks in exchange for her dominating sexual techniques. Additionally, she uses her domineering personality to fill her paypigs minds with misandrist propaganda. The result leads to the men becoming a blubbering mess soaked in their own cum, all the while begging for more. It won’t be long until all men submit to “the undefeatable ass of a medical school university student.”

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