Seieki Daisuki Rui-chan no Semeseme Ningen Choukyou Nikki 2

Type: Manga

Genre: Monster Girl, Multiple Orgasms, Reverse Rape, Drugged, Full Color

Language: English

Pages: 16

Thought I’d go with something a little bit more unique today. So why not choose a manga where the monster girl looks like a watermelon! If you have a watermelon fetish, today is your lucky day 😉

The story itself is pretty straight forward. She captures you as her prey and you become her personal sex toy. Your main purpose from now on is to feed her cum. Breaks after orgasms? HELL NO! Multiple orgasms all day, everday! She also has a long tongue, giving off a Tsuyu Asui vibe from my hero academia. With a tongue like that, you can get some interesting sex scenes. Which of course is displayed in the manga!

If you don’t have a watermelon fetish now, you will in the future. This is the type of fap that’s gonna feel real good, but make you wonder wtf you’re doing with your life afterwards.

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4 years ago

love that you post these almost daily

4 years ago

This is why you people need to get my manga finds in the blog

3 years ago
Overall Rating :

Oh my goodness that is Mucus Toad from the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, I’ve always had such a hard on for her and wished there’d be more lewds of her, can’t believe this exists holy shit. <3