Lingua Franca!!

Type: Manga

Genre: Bondage, Gangbang, Reverse Rape, Multiple Orgasms, Harem, Futanari

Language: English

Pages: 222

Leo and his childhood friend Himari are finally on summer break. Instead of a regular vacation, Leo comes up with an idea to explore the Indian ocean together on his crappy helicopter. What an amazing plan right? Well…

While their helicopter was flying, the rudder malfunctions and they crash land onto an island. Leo regains consciousness and realizes he just landed in a hidden village filled with nothing but hot amazon girls! The girls in the village have strong primal instincts, and they really want that ?! Will he be able to survive?!

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3 years ago

An uncensored version of this exists

3 years ago

Has anyone used cashback services? tell me which one is better. thx!