Violated Quest: Lost in the Land of MonMusu

Type: Video Game  

Genre: Fighting, Reverse Rape, Monster Girls

Language: Japanese

File Size: 135 MB

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You open your eyes to a world full of monster girls. They’re always hunting for their next prey, and a level 1 weak human will definitely be a tasty snack. You must be careful! Their technique is to rob your vital fluids and show no mercy!

Wherever you run, you can’t escape. However you fight, you cannot win. Defeat is inevitable. So how do you win? You don’t! All you can do is become their slave. How much can your body endure?

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4 years ago

i wish i knew japanese… ;-;

Reply to  Hemdom
4 years ago

Thanks i’ll try it out. i don’t have the greatest of hopes though. i’ve seen japanese translated into english on google and i somehow have a feeling that the result will be somewhat similar

Reply to  Gims
4 years ago

oh nevermind! the way i’m reading this, the translation is made and uploaded by actual people. that’s awesome!

2 years ago

The game files seems corrupted tried several decompression method and an japanese local emulator and get no reader language

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