The Place I Stayed Over at Belonged to Perverted Gyaru Onee-chans

Type: Manga

Genre: Harem, FFFm, Paizuri, Blowjob, Shota, Older Girls, Big Boobs

Language: English

Pages: 37

Yuu-kun is going to spend his summer break in Tokyo, but at the last minute, his father was unable to accompany him. Luckily, his mother gave him permission to go alone, and told him that she will be asking a friend, Amagi Mei, to let him stay over at her place in Tokyo.

Surely Yuu will have nothing to worry about being alone in Tokyo since he will be taken care of by an older onee-san, right? Little does he know, Amagi has brought two of her friends in anticipation of Yuu’s arrival. And they have some very naughty plans in store for the helpless and inexperienced Yuu…

Looks like it’s going to be a loooong summer break for Yuu!

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3 years ago

Ara ara intensifies