Kentei Sentai Kaiser Five

Type: Manga

Genre: Demon, Mind Control, Cbt, Teasing, Footjob, Prostate Massage, Rape, Cowgirl, Mind Break

Language: English

Pages: 20

Retsu and Ouka are part of a vigilante team known as the Kaiser Five. They have sworn to protect earth from the Chaos Society. However, they are lured into a trap by the demon commander Kasumi Hime and she knocks them both unconscious with her magic. Instead of disposing of the two heroes, she has a more devious plan in mind. When Retsu awakens he finds himself completely naked, while Ouka stands over him. At first he is relieved to see his comrade, however, he is horrified when he learns that her mind is under the influence of the demon commander. This mind control has awoken feelings of lust and possessiveness within her. She quickly begins to tease him by simultaneously massaging and torturing his cock and balls. He desperately tries to resist her relentless assault, but to no avail. Through various sexual techniques, she quickly learns what makes him tick. Before long, he becomes a willing slave to her desires!

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