Chou Micchaku! Harem Elevator

Type: Manga

Genre: Gangbang, Facesitting, Reverse Rape, Public Sex

Language: English

Pages: 25

This manga is about a young man that’s stuck in an elevator. As you can tell from the photo above, he’s probably the luckiest man alive! But how did he get himself in this situation?

His name is Igawa Ryuya, and he was running late for an interview. The interviewer is on the 5th floor and the only way up is the elevator. On a regular day, this wouldn’t be a problem. But as soon as the doors opened, there were a bunch of hot onee-sans inside! Clueless, he makes his way into the elevator.

Little did he know, the second the elevator door closed, the interview started. In order to get the job, he must make it to the 5th floor. However, these thicc onee-sans are not going to make it easy! Will he overcome their erotic bodies? Or will he give in and enjoy some reverse rape?!

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