Bridegroom Training Diary of Tsumugi-sama

Type: Video Game (Visual Novel)

Genre: Bondage, Orgasm Control, Sex Toys, Pegging, Whipping

Language: English

File Size: 243 MB

You can’t believe your luck when by chance, you meet Tsumugi in her nursing school. She’s beautiful, wealthy, and you’re currently at the stage where she even views you as her prospective husband. With summer break coming up, Tsumugi has invited you to her summer home for a special 3-day trip with nobody around. The thought of being alone with the sweet and demure Tsumugi in her private residence…It’s almost like a dream come true. Except that she’s not as sweet or demure as she may look. In fact, she has special plans for you. Plans to mould you into her perfect submissive slave. Will you be able to endure her training and survive her 3-day trial?

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random devil
random devil
4 years ago

hi this game is giving a syntax error with blue screen

Reply to  random devil
4 years ago

Follow the game troubleshooter:

3 years ago

i cant play it anyone help or upload a workable link ?

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