Mfrontier I.II

Type: Manga
Genre: School, Bondage, Blackmail, Feet, Gangbang, Teasing, Reverse Rape
Language: English
Pages: 32

Megu gets constantly teased by a couple of boys in her class. One day, the teasing gets too far and they start to get physical. Megu was losing until a bossy schoolgirl intervened. Her name is Sumiko and she came to kick some ass! The boys endured a heavy beating and were completely humiliated. He gets knocked out and they tie him up. When he woke up, the girls decide to take it even further. One of them starts to record their naughty activities. If this video gets out to the whole school, it can ruin his life! How will he get out of this mess?

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2 years ago

where is the download link on this post I’m confused