I Am a Prostitute

Type: Video Game
Genre: Slave, Blackmail, Animated
Language: English
File Size: 16.5 MB
Torrent Client and Japanese Language Pack required!
The blue-haired, nameless protagonist of I am a Prostitute has quite an ungrateful family. His dad has taken a huge loan and signed him as a pledge. Unless he’s able to somehow pay off the $7,000 debt, he will be kidnapped by his father’s benefactors. With no other options left, he turns to prostitution.   I am a Prostitute is a simple game, in which you accept female guests and proceed to service them in a simple rhythm game, pressing keys in time with the thrusts. The better your timing, the more money you earn. You have eight days to earn the required amount, and can only screw so much in a single night. Still, if you manage to turn your juice into excess revenue, the game offers additional unlocks, like more girls, clothing options, and poses!

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Helpful Cheat
Helpful Cheat
4 years ago

For anyone wondering, if you hate grinding just open the .json file with notepad, replace the word “false” with “true” do it for all and this should unlock everything. You can add shop money too if you want.

Hey Sport. It's Dad! Get off the computer and go to bed.
Hey Sport. It's Dad! Get off the computer and go to bed.
2 years ago

Sorry Sport, I had to do it.

4 years ago

Hey the download wont work

1 year ago

File host warns that this is a trojan.

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