Fiancée is a Mixed Wrestler

Type: Manga
Genre: Fighting, Swimsuit, Choking, Multiple Orgasms, Reverse Rape, Full Color
Language: English
Pages: 34

Haruka Watanabe is the very definition of an ideal girlfriend for our male protagonist. He is eager to tie the knot with her, so he summons up the courage to propose. Haruka is overjoyed, but her boyfriend is unaware that she is a professional wrestler. She wants to make sure that her boyfriend can accept her lifestyle, before she accepts his proposal. Haruka brings him to a wrestling ring, so he could see her in action. As she faces her young male opponent, her gentle demeanor turns sadistic as she easily dominates her opponent through a combination of submission holds and cock and ball torture. At first, her boyfriend is horrified but he slowly starts to feel aroused. Haruka, quickly takes notice of her boyfriend’s new found masochistic desires. After she dispatches her opponent, she gives her lover the same brutal treatment.

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Succubus Hunter
Succubus Hunter
3 years ago
Overall Rating :

This is arguabally the best mixed wrestling comic ever made, it even gets bonus points for being 100 percent in color. This desperately NEEDS to get a sequel!