Fetish Stories: The Asylum [Completed Edition]

Type: Video Game
Genre: Bondage, Mind Break, Submissive, Mature Women, Strap-on, Drugged, Forced Sex
Language: English
File Size: 730 MB
You find yourself in front of the gates of the Asylum, not knowing why you are here. You don’t seem to remember anything but your name. With your eyes still closed, you try to move…but you have been tied up, strapped to a wheelchair. Then, suddenly you get faceslapped and a female voice says “Wake up! You slept long enough!”.


And that’s where the story begins…
Fetish Stories: The Asylum is a fetish game divided in multiple episodes. Each episode will be one day in the asylum, filled with different choices that influence the next days and the ending of the game. Will you be able to escape? Do you even want to escape? Will you uncover the secrets of ‘The Asylum’? ‘What is ‘Injection XX’? Start playing and find it out!
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