Waruiko dare da?

Type: Manga
Genre: Blackmail, Bondage, Public Sex, Incest, Submissive, Romantic
Language: English
Pages: 158

Yasu-mura is a very popular guy who has the top grades in his class and a black belt in karate. He’s in his prime years of his life and has a beautiful, big titty girlfriend. His younger sister, Kaede, is always envious of her older brother and always tries to ruin his life. One day, she peeks into Yasu-mura’s room and catches him in an embarrassing position. Little did Kaede know, his older brother is a huge masochist and practices bondage on himself! She takes a photo, and tells him that she will tell everyone unless he follows everything she says… and that’s where this 158 paged masterpiece begins!!!

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