I’m a Servant to These Small Succubi

Type: Manga
Genre: Loli, Full Color, Feet, Succubus
Language: English
Pages: 30

Tiffany is a high ranking succubus and the master of both a human servant and the half-succubus Chloe. Tiffany’s servant brings her a stringy cheese treat as requested, but what Tiffany really wants is her servant’s stringy semen that will satiate her hunger. After granting Tiffany her wish, the servant, now looking to use the bathroom, encounters Chloe, who toyingly denies the servant access and casts a spell on his dick to make him pleasure her too! Lastly, for the main course, Tiffany and Chloe team up to consume the banquet of cum provided by the servant’s dick as they ride him. Itadakimasu!

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2 years ago

This deserves more love, although the huge amount of favorites this got on nhentai XD